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Hoang Tran Hieu Hanh


Hoang Tran Hieu Hanh (Hany) is a Berlin based community activist who worked with stateless communities in Malaysia and Cambodia/Vietnam. As a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hany co-initiated a group for the Asian Diaspora of Europe with the aim of virtually connecting with one another by hosting artist and community talks on the notions of home, mobility, and the politics of care. As a panelist at the Women* of Colour Europe Conference, she spoke about the future of female* identified activism, the sense of solidarity and conflicting interests in Communities of Colour. As part of the Misplaced Women project, Hany organised a collaborative intervention with large mirrors in Berlin’s underground confronting the practice of manspreading, and was also an active performer in Berlin’s theatre scene. She worked at MSO inklusiv!, a project overseen by the Migration Council Berlin, that applies an intersectional concept for enhancing visibility and promoting sexual/gender diversity in self-organised migrant associations. Currently, she works as a consultant on migration, environment and climate change.


Updated June 2021

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