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Hannah Joy Sachs


Hannah Joy Sachs grew up Chappaqua, New York. She graduated with high honors in Sociology from Davidson College in 2016 and then pursued a Master’s in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford last year. Adopted from China and raised in a Jewish family, Hannah has continually grappled with her identity and sense of belonging. Her experiences inspired her to become a mentor for adoptees, and, later, college students of color. At Davidson, she was a leader in several multicultural and diversity initiatives. Hannah also has extensive experience traveling outside the United States, having studied global development and transnational communities in China, Thailand, Laos, and England. Since 2013, Hannah has spent her summers as a program leader, guiding high school students on experiential learning trips focused on critical community issues and sustainable service. She currently works at Stony Brook University as a Social Justice Fellow.

Updated July 2018