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Fiona Dubois


For four years, Fiona Dubois has been involved in the defense of immigrants’ rights in Paris. In 2017, she co-developed and coordinated a solidarity housing network for more than 150 previously down-and-out underage migrants and led a mobilisation campaign against the townhall of Paris. She also participated in the foundation work of the “Collectif pour une nation refuge” which is a network of practical and political collaboration between 112 local organizations everywhere in France. As a mobilization strategist and trainer for L’Accélérateur de la mobilisation, she teaches project leaders how to conceive strategies for impactful mobilization campaigns. Through her Master’s degree in sociology called « Migrations, racism, and alterity » (MIRA), Fiona gained a strong interest and interpretative framework on racial discrimination and ethnicity issues. She wants to pursue this path in order to change organizations from the inside by implementing anti-discrimination processes and moving towards a more inclusive culture.


Updated May 2019