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Femke Zeven


Femke is 23 years old, and is currently living and working in Amsterdam. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2015, with a B.Sc. in Cultural Anthropology. During her bachelor’s degree, she specialized in conflict studies, migration and human rights. Her final field work and research was on undocumented migrants in Amsterdam, citizenship and the tension between the universality and nationality in granting human rights. Since obtaining her BSc, she’s been part of the UNISCA Board, the Model United Nations of the University of Amsterdam. Additionally, she has been working at the municipality of Amsterdam, and she has done internships at War Child and Humanity in Action The Netherlands. This is also because she loved HIA right away, and couldn’t say goodbye after the HIA Fellowship in Amsterdam. Femke will start studying Law in September 2017, in order to gain legal and practical skills to do work related to social justice and human rights. Femke is a 2016 Humanity in Action Senior Fellow.

Updated January 2017