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Dennis Enßlen


Dennis is an activist whose work focuses on advocacy for minority rights in Germany. He studies Communication, Culture and Management at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, where he had the chance to serve as the elected student’s diversity representative in 2018.

He is a Fellow at the Impulse Boost Camp and holds a scholarship at the German Foundation for Integration, an organization under the patronage of the German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel that supports aspiring migrant leaders with a mentoring program.

In spring 2020, he spent a semester abroad at Boğaziçi Universitesi in Istanbul, where he explored the cultural roots of his Turkish mother and volunteered as an organizer for the Turkish pride “Istanbul is Burning”.

Dennis’ scholarship at the Hans Böckler Foundation allowed him to volunteer as the lead candidate manager for Brand New Bundestag, a newly founded German grassroots organization that seeks to elect diverse leaders into the German Parliament to fight for economic, ecological and racial justice and bring the energy and ideas of civil society movements like Fridays For Future and Sea Watch in democratic structures.


Updated November 2020