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Bişo Sürgün Ergin


Bişenk Ergin was born when her parents were in the very West of Turkey as seasonal workers. Coming from the very South-Eastern Kurdish part of Turkey they named her Sürgün which means Exile, however, official authorities didn’t accept the name. A year later, with a new name, she literally learned to walk on her way to Germany when her parents fled civil war and political persecution. Experiencing injustice and inequity, she started to engage against racism and sexism. During her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Political Science at Goethe University in Frankfurt, she spent two semesters at Aix-Marseille Université in France. She decided to do her Master’s “International Relations/Peace and Conflict Studies” after a project on former Yugoslavia. Benefiting from a semester at Sabanci University in Istanbul, she tries to focus her research on Turkey. Besides being a human rights activist and giving workshops on discrimination, she loves to write poems.


Updated May 2019