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Beata Janus


Beata Janus lives in Lower Silesia, Poland. She is a student of master studies in Spatial Economics at Wrocław University of Economics. She has a bachelor degree in International Economic Relations. Beata was a participant in Local Leaders School and a member of an Academic Circle of Marketing and Management proMOTION at her university. She is passionate about innovations and therefore spent some time working in Academic Enterprise Incubators in Wrocław. Beata was a volunteer in three TEDx conferences, as she believes that the world is full of ideas worth spreading. She is interested in social entrepreneurship, local development and revitalization processes. Her master’s thesis is going to be about revitalization of postindustrial areas. Beata is a bookworm, so in her free time she usually reads, but sometimes she bakes cookies and watches old movies as well. She awaits the HIA Fellowship with great anticipation.


Updated May 2019