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Athanasia Rafaela Tsinafournioti


Rafaela Tsinafournioti is an educator and linguist, as well as an honorary graduate of the LRM (Language Education for Refugees and Migrants) Master’s program of the Hellenic Open University. Her national background is Greek, Turkish, Roma, German and probably more than that. Due to her having a university degree, she is a highly respected advisor in her Roma community. Since 2011 she tries to help the children of the community to stay in school, have dreams, and be aware of opportunities that break the Roma traditions and gender roles. In her spare time, Rafaela writes, reads, does sports, and takes care of stray dogs. She is fascinated by languages and cultural diversity, and strongly believes that change in language (what we say and how we say it) can bring social change. She plans to pursue a Ph.D in Applied Linguistics and/or Sociolinguistics.


Updated May 2019