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Anne Aulinger


Anne Aulinger has served as a Policy Advisor in the Berlin office of MdB Susann Rüthrich (Social Democratic Party) since 2015. She is responsible for strategies to promote civil society engagement and combatting right-wing ideology. She is furthermore concerned with migration, integration as well as LGBTI*-issues. She supported her MPs work at the Bundestag Inquiry Committee on the murders of the rightwing terrorist group NSU (2015-2017), where Susann Rüthrich was vice chair. Prior to this position, she worked for the “Network for Democracy and Courage” in Leipzig, an NGO that offers peer-to-peer political education on anti-discrimination and participation. Anne completed a B.A. in Public Policy and Religious Sciences at University Erfurt and holds a M.A. in Social Sciences from the Humboldt-University Berlin. During this period, she spent one semester at Université Libre de Bruxelles. Anne focused on social inequality, integration and anti-discrimination, topics that she seeks to apply in her long-standing practical work as a political educator. As an activist and member of several working groups, she is furthermore engaged in the combat of antisemitism. In her master thesis, she explored the effects of gender-specific online harassment and coping strategies, particularly when dealing with threats of sexualized violence. Anne is a senior fellow from the Berlin program in 2014 and took part in the Pat Cox-HIA-Fellowship in 2015, in which she worked as a policy assistant in the Brussels office of the European Network Against Racism.