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Alen Kerić


Currently doing an MA in Gender Studies to address some pertinent questions of today: gender and memory, political correctness and the case of the cis white straight male able bodied ally, covering and uncovering of men and women and issues of consent, while CEU and Gender Studies in Hungary are undergoing a heated political attack on its activity. Alen Kerić also has an MA in human rights and democracy in South-East Europe from the University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna. His MA thesis explored the relationship between LGBTIQ and Catholic communities in Croatia, while interning at the Women’s Room, Center for Sexual Rights – Croatia’s only counselling center for victims of sexual violence. Prior to his graduate studies, Alen obtained a BA in performance and media studies from Beloit College. He is socially engaged and political artist, performing in mediums of theatre, dance and performance art. His current general interests include studies on identity, race, class, gender, performativity, refugees, islamophobia and corporate social responsibility. He was born and raised in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Updated September 2020