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Adam Ropizar


Adam Ropizar is a recent graduate from Florida International University (FIU) with a BA in Sustainability & the Environment. Adam has volunteered in FIU’s LGBTQA Initiatives office since 2016 and, in 2018, joined the staff providing graduate-level support to LGBTQA students and training for faculty and staff. Adam is the recipient of several university-wide awards, including Outstanding Leadership and Top Five Student Employee of the Year. He also served as Board Director for the Global Civic Engagement Advisory Board, where he helped award grants to students hosting service projects. As a 2019 cohort member of the Maven Leadership Collective, Adam honed his research on sexual violence against LGBTQA individuals to better understand community-based approaches to activism and prevention work. This became his program, Evolve Campus, a radically redefined standard for prevention curriculum on college campuses. Adam will join a master’s program inFall 2021 to study the intersections of human rights and identity.

Updated May 2020