2018 Fellowship Application Questions

Personal Statement

Please describe an event in your life that helped to form your values and your own sense of civic responsibility. Please discuss the significance of this event in relation to your potential membership in the Humanity in Action Network.

Limit your response to 500 words

Response Essay

We ask you to develop an essay after completing four readings and watching a short film.

Mounk issues a challenge: “The fate of liberal democracy may now hinge on whether we are able to formulate a reformist, forward-looking vision for a better politics—one that unites citizens in pursuit of a more tolerant and prosperous future, rather than pitting groups against one another or concluding that our political system is beyond remedy.”

After completing all of the readings and watching the short film, please respond to Mounk's challenge by envisioning the path forward for a more cohesive society and by considering your own stake in civil society. Limit your response to 500 words or less.

Short Answer Questions

Please identify the ideas you found most challenging or compelling in the readings and the video keynote. We want to know which concepts interest you and why. Please use your own words to describe the concepts you draw from the readings.

Commentary on Themes

Please read the 2017 Humanity in Action Fellowship Overviews and identify a theme across some of the six programs that you think is particularly challenging.

Please limit your response to no more than 100 words.