Director of Programs / National Director

Location: New York City
Reports to: Judith S. Goldstein, Executive Director
Type: Full-time, salaried position
Expected start date: June 2018

The Director of Programs / National Director is responsible for driving the development of creative programming on current social issues, managing a small and entrepreneurial office in New York, and contributing to the organization’s international initiatives with a team of U.S. and European colleagues. A key member of Humanity in Action’s international staff, the Director of Programs will work on programming, administration, strategic planning, alumni engagement, partnerships, fundraising, communications, board relations and general management. The role offers the opportunity of leadership in an organization on the frontlines of international issues and the venue to develop original ideas and interface with high-profile public figures and activists from around the world. The Director of Programs will collaborate closely with and report to the Executive Director.

Note: This position previously held the title of Director of Programs. Humanity in Action intends to adjust the title to National Director for the incoming employee. 

Management and Administration

  • Oversee management of Humanity in Action’s  NY office in Long Island City, reporting to the Executive Director.
  • Supervise Coordinator of Admissions and Administration, Program Coordinator, other NY office staff, program staff based in Atlanta, Detroit and other program locations, as applicable. 
  • Collaborate closely with International Director of European Programs and other Program Directors on international programmatic initiatives, staffing and communications.
  • Oversee communications and website.
  • Develop relationships and facilitate partnerships.
  • Support fundraising and grant-writing.

Programmatic Work

  • Sustain existing programs and develop new programs.
  • Collaborate with Executive Director on all programmatic initiatives and on programmatic grant requests and reports.
  • Oversee work of Atlanta-based John Lewis Fellowship Program Director.
  • Oversee work of Detroit-based Program Director and Associate Program Director.
  • Oversee other programmatic initiatives: annual International Conference; annual New York Conference; Professional Fellowship programs in/with the U.S. Congress, Seattle, ACLU of Ohio and Georgia, and Bertelsmann Foundation; workshops, trainings, webinars and other short programs for Humanity in Action Senior Fellows.
  • Supervise U.S. outreach and admissions process for annual fellowship programs.
  • Provide advice on program planning and implementation to program staff.
  • Develop programmatic budgets and supervise spending and reporting.
  • Consult with the CFO on programmatic budget allocations.

Alumni Engagement

  • Sustain and develop relationships with Humanity in Action Fellows and Senior Fellows.
  • Facilitate professional and organizational connections within network of Senior Fellows.
  • Keep a pulse on the interests and concerns of Senior Fellow Network.
  • Develop programs, communications, and other initiatives that respond to the interests and concerns of Senior Fellows.
  • Facilitate Senior Fellow involvement in existing programs.


  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience in nonprofit management preferred.
  • Knowledge of and interest in international and U.S. political, social, economic and cultural issues.
  • International experience preferred. 
  • Demonstrated leadership experience, preferably in a non-profit or academic setting.
  • Affinity for and commitment to working with college and university students from diverse social, cultural, and academic backgrounds.
  • Strong communication, leadership, inter-group and networking skills.
  • Technical skills to supervise website, communications and database management. 
  • Experience and appreciation of interdisciplinary and international approaches to human rights issues.
  • Strong commitment to the mission and values of Humanity in Action.


Humanity in Action offers a salary commensurate with experience and employee benefits.


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Equal Opportunity

Humanity in Action is committed to providing equal opportunity to all employees, interns, program participants, and alumni and to policies and practices that assure there will be no discrimination against any individual on the grounds of age, race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, physical ability or political affiliation.