Obligations & Opportunities

Prior to the Fellowship

All the selected candidates will receive a reading list one month in advance of the Fellowship programs. Humanity in Action expects its Fellows to have read and engaged with the texts by the time the Fellowship programs kick off.

Participants from Greece will convene in a video seminar on Action Project Implementation prior to the Fellowship program. 

During the Fellowship

The Humanity in Action Fellowship programs are intensely challenging on an intellectual, social and emotional level. Full-time commitment is required from every participant during the four weeks of the program. The Humanity in Action groups in each country represent, on a small scale, the larger societies to which individuals belong. We expect respectful debate and dissent as minority opinions are aired. To probe these matters and engage in learning and growth, the programs expect and require maturity, openness, dedication, and a generosity of spirit from each of the Fellows.

After the Fellowship

The Humanity in Action Fellowship lasts one month, but its impact on the lives of Fellows and their communities lasts for many years to come. Below, you will find details on three of the key components of Humanity in Action after the Fellowship: Action Projects, professional fellowship opportunities and the Senior Fellow Network.

Action Projects: As a requirement of participation, Fellows are obligated to conduct a hands-on outreach initiative, an “Action Project”, in their home communities. The initiative should reflect the Humanity in Action Fellowship experience. Action Projects are executed within twelve months after the Fellowship terminates. For their Action Projects, past Fellows have created films, hosted conferences and started organizations. Humanity in Action staff offer supportive guidance to Fellows as they work to complete their Action Projects. For video profiles of Action Projects, click here.

Ongoing Professional Opportunities: Every year, Humanity in Action places more than 50 Senior Fellows in professional fellowship programs and internships that provide practical experience working on human and minority rights issues. These programs include the Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship in the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC and the Pat Cox-Humanity in Action Fellowship in the European Parliament in Brussels. Over 300 Senior Fellows have completed Humanity in Action-sponsored fellowships since 1999. Humanity in Action also offers annual conferences, study trips and other educational opportunities for Senior Fellows. 

Ongoing Support for Civic Engagement: Humanity in Action continuously runs grant competitions in an effort to enable the realization of Senior Fellows’ innovative ideas that aim to foster pluralism, active citizenship, minority rights and human rights - in their own local communities and beyond. While these grant competitions differ in their thematic scope and outlook, they are united by their common underlying aims: to combat discrimination and societal injustices, protect minorities and stimulate societal diversity. Humanity in Action grants seek to further empower its community to establish initiatives that embody the organization's educational mission and values, to increase collaboration among Humanity in Action's global network of Senior Fellows and to inspire others to action.

Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Network: Fellows are invited to participate in the Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Network. Fellows have access to HIA Connect, an online platform where Humanity in Action's network of more than 1,700 Fellows and Senior Fellows connect, share information and remain active in the issues addressed during the Fellowship.