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“A Senior Fellow is a person who is empowered. She doesn’t spent hours on Facebook complaining that this world is not a perfect place to live; she turns Facebook into a platform of change instead. (..)

A Senior Fellow is a person who is never alone. No matter how far away geographically, like-minded people are at short distance away ready to inspire her, support her beginnings, and help her ideas to find the right track.

A Senior Fellow is a person for whom “a person” is not just a word, but the world.” 

Daria, Ukraine, International Relations and European Studies student, Warsaw Program Fellow


What Humanity in Action taught me is that change often occurs and begins on a micro level. There is suffering in this world, and if I have the ability to alleviate at least one person's suffering through whatever it is I choose to do, I will be content and that would be meaningful. However, I am more ambitious than that. I will not stop there.

Joel, USA, graduate of film and media studies, Warsaw Program Fellow 

“One of the most significant ways I grew through Humanity in Action was in gaining more confidence in myself as a thinker, an activist, and a person. Through this experience, I have been able to cultivate my own narrative and think about what drives me. I now feel more assured in my ability to do good work, to lead others, and speak from my own life experience/global perspective."

Madeline, USA, Warsaw Program Fellow

"Maybe to understand a concept which causes abuse or suffering actually means to act upon this understanding because you cannot do otherwise? Does "understand" mean "act" after all? I think for me Humanity in Action fellowship became a space, where some far-fetched ideas became flesh and blood."

Mariana, Ukraine, journalist, Warsaw Program Fellow 

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