Application Process in Europe

>> Application Deadline Europe

February 10, 2019

Please note: If you are applying from the United States, please click here, an earlier deadline applies!

Application Materials

The application is considered complete and submitted when all requested documents and application responses have been received. Applications that are incomplete or missing documentation after February 10, 2019 will not be considered. Requirements of the application are:

  • A Personal Statement
  • An Essay 
  • An Action Project idea
  • CV / Resume
  • University Transcript (Please check your apply page whether you need to upload a transcript.)
  • Recommendations (Please check your apply page whether you need to upoload 1 or 2 letters of recommendation or provide contact information to two recommenders only.)
  • Some offices might require additional information, please check the application form for the country from which you wish to apply.


Timeline Europe

February 10 - approx. February 28, 2019:

The selection process involves two phases. During the first phase, a panel of Humanity in Action staff, Board members and Senior Fellows reads all of the applications and selects a pool of finalists for further review by the national Humanity in Action's Selection Committees.

March 1 - March 20, 2019:

During the second phase, the Selection Committees read and evaluate all finalists' applications and conduct group interviews with finalists. All finalists will be interviewed by a small panel of the Selection Committee together with two or three other finalists.

End of March 2019:

The final selections are made based on this second reading and the interview.