Just People: A Quest for Social Souls with Independent Minds

A Film by Humanity in Action


In 2011, HIA partnered with the acclaimed Dutch filmmaker Annegriet Wietsma to produce the organization's first film—one that would reach a large audience and share HIA educational concerns, messages and goals.

"Just People: A Quest for Social Souls with Independent Minds" is Wietsma's filmic essay. It explores the challenges and complexities of being an independent individual while cooperating in a social group - how not to be a bystander, how to dare to stand out from the crowd. After the Holocaust, postwar generations have asked themselves: What would I have done, living there and then? The film reframes the haunting question and looks for answers in the present rather than in the past: How do I behave today, now and here, in a group, and as an individual?

"Just People" connects past and present in a stunning global fabric of images and thoughts, leaving the final question to the viewers: What would you like to be, a just person or just a person?


"Just People" can be viewed online free of charge by clicking here. To request a DVD copy of "Just People," please contact info@humanityinaction.org.

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Discussion Guide

Humanity in Action encourages educators and Senior Fellows to show the film and stimulate discussion about these important questions and issues. We hope that after viewing the movie, audiences will stay to participate in discussions about the relevance, content and stylistic choices the film conveys. We have formulated talking points to help you lead a probing conversation and to give viewers a chance to express their reactions and feelings. To download the Discussion Guide, please click here.


To download the media kit, please click here.  For press inquiries, please contact info@humanityinaction.org.


“A great film. Enlightening, artistically rendered for maximum thematic impact - a game changer in the field of historical documentaries. A doc that challenges the audiences to be more than passive witnesses. This work has a lot to give its audiences and is of enormous relevance.” (Michael Soussan, journalist, U.S.)

“A strong film that appeals to the spectator. After seeing this film you must start debating about the subject!” (L. Boerhout, student)

“Splendid film! The subject will long stay with me” (D. Bos, Consultant/Financial Advisor)

“Very inspiring. I had tears in my eyes when I learned about the Dutch high school girls who prevented their Afghan schoolmate to be expelled from the country.” (P. Ligtman, Human Resources Director)

“Very interesting film to rouse debate, with lots of themes to think about, like standing by, individual responsibility, marginizing etc.” (K.P.M. de Beer, Ambassador and Chair ITF 2011)

“Compelling, intense film” (W. ten Have, Head of Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies)