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Humanity in Action frequently runs grant competitions to support its community in taking action. The resulting projects have consistently illustrated the vast potential of the Humanity in Action community.

Humanity in Action grants empower its community to establish initiatives that embody the organization’s educational mission and values. The projects we fund increase collaboration among Humanity in Action’s global network of Fellows and Senior Fellows. They touch communities and inspire others to action.

The creativity and knowledge base of Humanity in Action Senior Fellows, together with their commitment and dedication to advance human and minority rights, have led to the implementation of dozens of civil society initiatives with a direct tangible impact on their communities.

The projects aim to foster pluralism, active citizenship, minority rights and human rights – in our Fellows’ and Senior Fellows’ own communities, and beyond. While our grant competitions differ in their thematic scope and outlook, they are united by common underlying aims: to combat discrimination and societal injustices, protect minorities and stimulate societal diversity.

Funded Projects have included

  • The Ghoul Exhibition- Guns, Performance and Social Justice

    was an artistic response to the unfolding tragedy of gun violence in the United States. As a solo theater performance piece, it charted the link between gun deaths, race, geography, economics, mental illness, and discrimination.

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  • Space & Memory: The Presence of Jewish Absence in Poland's Contemporary Landscape

    sought to re-conceptualize the memorial by uncovering moments in the landscape wherein history, memory, and absence are given room to live on spatially. The initiative examined alternative modes of remembering the Holocaust and Jewish life throughout Poland's landscape.


  • The Optimist Project

    created a space to connect students who seldom really meet, facilitating a space for discussing their shared experiences. This project aimed at creating advocacy and implementing change for equal access to elite higher education institutions in France.


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