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We recommend the new e-book “Hate. How can we stop it?”



“Cyberbullying and hate speech are two interpenetrating phenomena that affect our lives more and more. Our increased online activity – which, according to some, ensures anonymity and impunity – only incites social media storms, insults, humiliation, and mockery” – one reads in the introduction of How2’s e-book, “Hate. How can we stop it?”.

The authors, including members of Humanity in Action Polska – Monika Mazur-Rafał and Magda Szarota – share their knowledge and experience in order to present this complex phenomenon to a wider audience. They provide specific examples of how best to educate about hate speech, as well as how to counteract it, and at last: where to report hate crimes.

We want the Internet to be a safe and friendly space for everyone who uses it, whether it is for work or play. We strongly recommend the e-book – find more information here.