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You can become a Board Member!



Now is YOUR chance to influence the future of Humanity in Action Denmark. Represent your community in the board of Humanity in Action Denmark!

Would you like to shape the future of Humanity in Action Denmark? Do you have questions or concerns about what it means to be a board member? Would you like to run but don’t know how? Would you like to suggest someone else to run? Email us today.

At this year’s General Assembly (Generalforsamling), October 28, 2021 the next generation of board members will be elected.

Sign up here to join the General Assembly.

Who can run for the Humanity in Action Denmark Board of Directors: All members of Humanity i Action Denmark can run for the Board of Directors. Read more about membership further down.

Who can vote on the General Assembly: All members of Humanity i Action Denmark can vote at the General Assembly. Read more about membership further down.

Who can attend the General Assembly: Everyone is welcome to join our General Assembly and reception, please sign up via the link above. But only members have the right to vote. Read more about membership further down.

How do I run for the Board of Directors: Once you are a member all you need to do is announce your candidacy in an email to and give a brief motivational speech on the day. We encourage everyone regardless of e.g. gender, ethnicity, religion or disability to run.

Do I need any specific experience to be a board member: No. You do not need any previous experience with being on a board, or to be a senior fellow, to run. All you need is motivation and the will and engagement to make a change!

Would you like to contribute to our new beginnings? Make the difference! Run for the board!

How often does the board meet: The Humanity in Action Denmark Board of Directors meets on average every second month to discuss questions like: How can we contribute better to our society as an organization? What should our economic prioritizations be? What should the theme of the future fellowships be? The board is a ‘working board’, meaning the board assists the office on various tasks ranging from fundraising and strategy to creating seminars and fellow opportunities. This way all board members have the chance to influence the orgnisation and management of Humanity in Action Denmark directly.

Meet our current board members below and read more abour their motivation for being a part of Humanity in Action Denmark.

Read the Articles of Association (vedtægter) here.

If you have any questions regarding running for the board or suggestions for the board please do not hesitate to reach out.

The General Assembly will be held at Salon K, Huset i Magstræde, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København from 19.00-21.30. You can sign up to participate below.

Agenda in accordance with the articles of association
1. Election of conductor
2. Chairman’s report
3. Presentation of accounts for the previous fiscal year for approval and decharge
4. Determination of the membership fee
5. Presentation of financial status for the current fiscal year.
6. Presentation and adoption of budget for the coming fiscal year.
7. Proposals from the board and from the members
8. Resolution on the size of the Board of Directors and the election of its members.
9. Election of members to the Board of Representatives.
10. Election of auditor.
11. A.O.B

As a member of the Humanity in Action Denmark Board of Directors YOU can influence the future of the organization.