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CyberPeace Institute to Support Victims Harmed by Escalating Conflicts in Cyberspace



PR Newswire reported that Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Marietje Schaake will serve as the President and Chair of the Advisory Board of CyberPeace Institute, a new NGO. The Institute has been created to address the growing threat and impact of major cyberattacks. Schaake will be joined by Stéphane Duguin, current Head of the EU Internet Referral Unit within Europol, who will lead the CyberPeace Institute as its Chief Executive Officer. The CyberPeace Institute is currently hiring more staff to carry out its mission as well as developing partnerships with other organizations across the public and private sector, academia and civil society. Learn more about the Institute here.

“Civilians are at ever greater risk of being targeted by cyberattacks that rage between states and non-state actors alike. We need de-escalation and a focus on peace in cyberspace. I am looking forward to contributing to that urgent global agenda as President of the CyberPeace Institute.” – Marietje Schaake (PR Newswire)

Marietje Schaake is a Dutch 2001 Humanity in Action Senior Fellow and a former member of the European Parliament. At Stanford University she recently became the Cyber Policy Center’s international policy director, and an international policy fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. Read the full article by PR Newswire here.