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Humanity in Action Celebrates the Launch of TRUE Africa

September 01, 2015 Tags: social entrepreneurship, tech and human rights, media

September 1, 2015 – Humanity in Action is excited to celebrate the launch of the latest venture by Board Member Claude Grunitzky – TRUE Africa. TRUE Africa is a media-tech platform with all the next thinking on culture, music, sports, technology, politics and fashion in Africa and the diaspora. 

Humanity in Action Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship Launches in Detroit

March 19, 2015 Tags: philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, academic research

March 19 — The Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship begins today in Detroit. As one of Humanity in Action’s newest programs, this Fellowship supports eight Senior Fellows as they investigate trends in philanthropy, community development and social innovation.

The narrative of philanthropic innovation amid Detroit’s ruin and revitalization serves as…

Humanity in Action Announces Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship in Detroit and New York

December 16, 2014 Tags: philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, united states

Humanity in Action has announced the creation of a new educational fellowship on philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in the United States.

Taking place in Detroit and New York, the Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship will offer Senior Fellows of Humanity in Action the… Read more

Humanity in Action Provides Grants to Nine Senior Fellow Projects

June 08, 2013 Tags: senior fellows, action projects, hia programs, senior fellow awards, holocaust education, health care

Humanity in Action is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Senior Fellow Grants Competition.

The goal of this competition is to empower Senior Fellows to create initiatives that embody Humanity in Action's educational mission, increase cooperation among Humanity in… Read more