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HIA Denmark Hosts "Youth for Democracy" Conference Focusing on Nonviolent Struggle

September 25, 2011

On October 28-29, 2011, HIA Denmark and the Danish Senior Fellows Network will host "Youth for Democracy," a conference in Copenhagen for more than 200 participants from all across the world. This conference will bring together experts and activists to work with and learn from young people who are struggling for democracy.

"Youth for Democracy" will feature leaders of the uprisings in… Read more

Senior Fellows Zachary Kaufman and Kuong Ly Named “Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders”

September 25, 2011

Senior Fellows Zachary D. Kaufman  (Denmark, 1999; American Planning Board Member) and Kuong Ly (France, 2009) were recently named in the “Top 99 under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders,” a list created by Young Professionals in Foreign… Read more

Humanity in Action Publishes "Reflections on the Holocaust"

August 29, 2011 Tags: genocide, holocaust, publications

It is with great pleasure that Humanity in Action shares its first book publication, Reflections on the Holocaust.

The essays collected in this volume were written by Humanity in Action Fellows, Senior Fellows, board members and lecturers who have participated in its educational programs from 1997 to 2010.  HIA programs focus on the obligation to understand genocide,… Read more

Humanity in Action Expresses Condolences for the People of Norway

July 25, 2011 Tags: norway

Humanity in Action would like to express its deep condolences to the people of Norway following the tragic events there on July 22nd. As we learn more about the Norwegian massacre and the madness of one individual, it is increasingly clear that the events have particular meaning and horror for Humanity in Action.

According to the latest reports, Anders Behring Breivik justified the… Read more

HIA Hosts its 2011 International Conference: "Towards More Just Societies: Learning from History"

July 05, 2011 Tags: hia conference

Over 200 Fellows, Senior Fellows, Board members and distinguished guests gathered for the 2011 HIA International Conference at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Berlin from June 30 - July 3. During the International Conference, HIA presented interdisciplinary lectures, skills-building workshops and interactive discussion groups with leading speakers and exhibit presentations of grassroots… Read more

HIA Netherlands Debates European Impact of Arab Change

June 15, 2011 Tags: amsterdam, arab spring, hia programs

On April 28th, the HIA Netherlands office hosted a public event entitled “Arabic Change, European Shift: The impact of the Arabic revolution on European policy and the European community.” The response was extremely positive - 128 people packed into the auditorium at de Balie to hear two panels moderated by playwright and radio host Pieter Hilhorst. In the first panel, experts… Read more

HIA Denmark and RÆSON Host Conference Titled "EU and the Refugees – A Crisis of Human Rights or Security?

June 14, 2011 Tags: european union, refugees, hia programs

Humanity in Action Denmark and RÆSON are honored to invite the public to an important conference about how the EU deals with refugees and human rights in the light of recent events in North Africa, the Middle East and Greece - the conference is titled "EU and the refugees – A Crisis of Human Rights or Security?"

European states are right now in a… Read more

HIA Poland Director Monika Mazur-Rafał Meets with President Barack Obama

June 07, 2011 Tags: warsaw, president obama

During his visit to Poland on May 28, 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama met with Polish President Bronisław Komorowski and other Polish democracy leaders to discuss the ways and means to strengthen democracy.

The participants in the gathering included high-ranking participants of the Solidarity movement (which led the democratic uprising in Poland in the 1980s), current political… Read more

HIA Germany Hosts Workshop on European Political Transitions

May 10, 2011 Tags: hia programs

HIA Germany hosted a conference in early March entitled “European Transitions from Dictatorship to Democracy in the late 1980’s.” Supported by the European Union Lifelong Learning Program and run by HIA Germany Program Director Anne Stalfort, the conference hosted thirteen EU residents (including five Senior Fellows) representing thirteen different nationalities.

The… Read more

HIA Netherlands Hosts Debate on the European Impact of Arab Change

April 22, 2011 Tags: arab spring, hia programs

On April 28, HIA Netherlands and De Balie, a leading center for politics, culture and media in Amsterdam, will host a public event entitled "Arabic Change, European Shift: The impact of the Arabic revolution on European policy and the European community."

Many dictators in the Arab world and North Africa feel the pressure of the continuing protests; from Morocco to Bahrain people are… Read more