Humanity in Action Releases Video Marking Its Anniversary

August 23, 2016

Humanity in Action is celebrating 18 years of educational programming in 2015. To mark this special occasion, Humanity in Action produced a film that highlights its mission, programs and Senior Fellows. Judith Goldstein, founder and Executive Director, and the Humanity in Action staff would like to thank their dear friend Michael Soussan for producing this special video.

Dear Friends,

It is a bit hard to believe that we have come so far since we brought together our first Fellows in the summer of 1997. We have built a community of more than 1,500 Senior Fellows, expanded to work with students in nearly a dozen countries and established partnerships with major institutions including the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

More importantly, we are thriving because of the accomplishments and activism of so many of our Senior Fellows. They are taking action to promote human rights and diversity in their communities and all over the world.  

I hope that all of you who have contributed to Humanity in Action as donors, friends, speakers and supporters will feel proud that we are fulfilling our mission to instill the values of human dignity and moral responsibility for the protection of the rights of minorities in a new generation of social, cultural and political leaders.

To kick off our year of 18th anniversary celebrations, with major conferences occurring in Athens, and New York, we have made a short video about our work. We think it captures in words and images the dynamic quality of our Fellows and Humanity in Action. I hope you will celebrate with us by taking two minutes to watch this film.  (For those of a certain generation, do lower the volume.)


Judith S. Goldstein 

Founder and Executive Director
Humanity in Action

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