Humanity in Action Launches €50,000 Grants Competition for Senior Fellows

Humanity in Action is opening a second round of its grants competition for Senior Fellows.

All Senior Fellows are invited to apply for grants from Humanity in Action ranging from €500 to €5,000. Humanity in Action especially encourages collaborative applications from groups of Senior Fellows.

The goal of this grants competition is to empower you to create projects that embody our educational mission and increase cooperation among Senior Fellows from different countries.

Specifically, Humanity in Action wishes to:

  • Encourage the Senior Fellows community to take action that promotes human rights, diversity and active citizenship;
  • Increase cooperation and the exchange of knowledge within the international Senior Fellows Network;
  • Explore issues and topics that are new or less familiar to Humanity in Action;
  • Inspire others to action.

Humanity in Action anticipates awarding 10 to 15 grants in the 2013 competition, totaling €50,000 in funding. The projects will address issues related to democracy, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, tolerance and the protection of minorities.  

The funding for this initiative is made possible by a generous grant from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Department of War Victims and Remembrance.  

Click here to see the winners of the first round of the competition.


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