Open Talk with Hanna Ziadeh, Noted Human Rights Activist, on the Situation in Syria

December 04, 2012

The Humanity In Action Denmark Senior Fellow Association is proud to host an open talk with Hanna Ziadeh, a human rights activist, scholar and expert on the Middle East, on the situation in Syria.

When and Where: Wednesday 5th of December at 4:30PM in Cafe Zusammen (H.C. Ørstedsvej 47, 1879 Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg, Denmark)

About the Speaker: 

Hanna Ziadeh is a human rights activist, a scholar and an expert on Middle East. He often travels in the Middle East as a journalist and writes for the Danish paper Politiken. Hanna has been visiting Syria recently, and the focus on Wednesday will be on the current situation in this country- Hanna's experiences during his last visit; recent developments; the possibility of intervention or influence from the outside.

Hanna Ziadeh grew up in Beirut and has been affiliated with the Danish Institute for Human Rights since 2006. He is chairman for the Support Committee for the Syrian People. Hanna specializes in the modern history of the Arabic world, with focus on state formation and nation building in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen from a human rights perspective. In addition, he is doing research on constitutionalism and the Arabic debate on the role of human rights in building democratic societies.

The event is arranged by Humanity in Action in cooperation with Cafe Zusammen.

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