Brunch with Maryam Alkhawaya, Bahraini-Danish human rights activist

September 28, 2012

The Humanity In Action Denmark Senior Fellow Association is proud to host a brunch with Maryam Alkhawaya, Bahraini-Danish human rights activist in Copenhagen

When and Where: Sunday 28th of October at 2PM in Cafe Zusammen (H.C. Ørstedsvej 47, 1879 Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg, Denmark)


Maryam Alhakwaya (25) has been involved in the struggle for human rights in Bahrain since she was a teenager, and has been a prominent activist involved in the Bahraini uprisings in 2011-2012. However, she has spent most of her life outside Bahrain - including more than 12 years spent in Denmark, since the Bahraini regime has not tolerated her family's engagement in the country´s political situation. Several members of Maryam's family have been detained, including her sister and father whose hunger-strike in the summer was widely covered by international media and whose life sentence was reinforced by the national court in September. Maryam herself has faced death threats and harassment and yet continues to be an outspoken critic of the regime. At Zusammen, Maryam will give a brief presentation of her work followed by a discussion with the audience. 

The event is arranged by Humanity in Action in cooperation with Cafe Zusammen.

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