HIA France Collaborates with the International Human Rights Film Festival

February 28, 2012

In partnership with the International Human Rights Film Festival, HIA France is organizing five conferences on topics linked to discrimination. The conferences will be held from Wednesday, March 7, through Monday, March 12.

  • Wednesday, March 7th: HIA France will explore the role of audiovisual methods as tools to raise awareness on human rights
  • Thursday, March 8th: For International Women's Day, HIA France will be addressing the issue of feminism and Islam
  • Sunday, March 11th: The first conference will be on the international Roma community, with a particular focus on the experiences of Roma in France. The second conference will overview the discriminatory mechanisms and the consequences in Rwanda after a group is singled out for political and civil discrimination leading to a genocide in Rwanda and how the society can reconstruct itself after such a disaster. 
  • Monday, March 12th: Andrea Bila, a young PhD student; Christine Delphy, a sociologist and feminist in France; and Myriam François Cerrah, English PhD student, will address the issues around Islamophobia after 9/11.

Though these conferences tackle different topics, they share common themes and structures: analyzing the discriminatory mechanisms, critically engaging with research in order to reach a complete understanding of the situation, and encouraging the audience to take effective action.

These events aim to offer platforms for young activists and students to express their points of view and concerns on the various topics addressed. This partnership will allow HIA France to reach a broader and more diverse audience.

For more information and the full schedule, please click here.

To download the flyer, please click here.

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