French Senior Fellow Network Chair Jeanne Tadeusz to Speak on Gender Education at Open World Forum

October 04, 2010 | education, gender

Does education influence whether women choose technology as a career and how they get involved in Open Source communities? Are there other factors involved? How do you encourage diversity?

These, among others, are the questions that will be addressed by Ms. Jeanne Tadeusz as she meets various university researchers and public officials in a discussion moderated by Technology Watch Director, Jean-Pierre Archambault.

The debate is part of the education session of the Open World Forum, which brings together decision-makers and communities concerned with technological, economic and social initiatives to build the digital future.

Jeanne Tadeausz completed an HIA Fellowship in Paris in 2007. She is the current chair of the HIA France Senior Fellows Network and is in charge of public affairs at APRIL, an organization promoting free software.

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Jeanne Tadeusz
Jeanne Tadeusz
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