"8 Stories That Didn't Change the World," a Documentary by HIA Senior Fellow Jan Śpiewak will be shown on January 19th at the Jewish Film Festival at Lincoln Center

January 13, 2011 | action projects, arts, new york

8 Stories That Didn't Change the World is a documentary film by HIA Senior Fellow, Jan Śpiewak, and is the culmination of his Fellowship with HIA.

The film will be shown at Lincoln Center as part of the Jewish Film Festival on Wednesday, January 19th at 6pm.


Eight Polish Jews born between 1914 and 1933 take us to the land of their youth, their first dreams and their adventures. The story explores their earliest memories, and together, the stories create a vivid image of a lost world, preserved only by black-and-white films and the few remaining firsthand accounts. How do the people who experienced the turbulent times of the 20th century approach life today? How do they deal with their memories and their old age?

The film is, in part, an attempt to bridge the generation gap that exists within the Polish Jewish community. Members of two generations, divided by history, meet in the summer of 2009 to talk about youth, senility, the past and the present.

For further information about the movie, including information on future screenings, visit the official website: www.8historii.pl


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