HIA Senior Fellow Anna Timmerman Hosts 'Voices of Justice' Dinner as Director of Human Rights Watch the Netherlands

December 13, 2010

In December 2009, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Anna Timmerman (1999) became Development & Outreach Director of the first Human Rights Watch office in the Netherlands.

The office was opened officially in September 2010, and in November Anna and her staff organized a Voices of Justice dinner in Hotel the Grand, Amsterdam. This dinner was held in honor of Yospeh Mulugeta, former Secretary General of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council. Aside from Mr. Mulugeta himself, the dinner was attended by 130 guests including former MPs, journalists, politicians and, at Anna's special request, several HIA Senior Fellows.

Anna was a participant in the Dutch program in 1999, the first summer program held in Amsterdam and directed the HIA Fellowship in Amsterdam from 2006 through 2009. Despite her busy new job, Ms. Timmerman is still involved with HIA, and Senior Fellows will be given the opportunity to visit her new office and speak to HRW researchers in the new year.

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Anna Timmerman
Anna Timmerman
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