Senior Fellows Promote Muslim American Representation in Public Service

April 04, 2017

Upon meeting through the Humanity in Action network, Senior Fellows Hasher Nisar (France 2014) and Mohammad Zia (Netherlands 2015) decided to collaborate and dedicate their joint Action Project to increasing Muslim American representation in public service. They began a blog and wrote about how young Muslim Americans often did not see public service as a viable career option due to pervasive anti-Muslim rhetoric within the current political environment, little awareness of public service opportunities, and minimal access to financial resources.

After many discussions with other Humanity in Action Senior Fellows and staff members, Nisar and Zia decided to go further by launching a major platform to address the issue. The two Senior Fellows and their team have established Advancing Muslim American Leadership (AMAL), an online platform that provides tools and guidance for young Muslim Americans to pursue opportunities in public service. 

The Platform’s major features include an extensive database of public service opportunities, such as the NYC Urban Fellows Program and the San Francisco Fellowship, and a coaching program to support young Muslim Americans as they begin their careers.

With the rise of Islamophobia in U.S. politics, AMAL’s value has become vital. Recognizing this, Nisar said, “Now is the time to double down, now is the time for us to get involved. The road ahead will not be easy, but if we create pipelines for our voices to be heard, we can foster more inclusive policies and institutions.” 

The AMAL team is planning future efforts to “find ways to play a role in young Muslim lives." Click here to contact AMAL and learn how to support their mission. 

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