Senior Fellows Lead Campaign in Response to Trump's First 100 Days

March 24, 2017

Senior Fellows Heather Lord and Michael Kunichika are leading a civic action campaign in response to Donald Trump's "100 Day Plan". The campaign, called #MY100DayPlans, advocates for an action-a-day approach over 100 days to counteract Trump’s agenda. Humanity in Action awarded #MY100DayPlans in its Senior Fellow Grants Competition last year, as Fellows were invited to submit proposals with a special emphasis on powerful social media campaigns.

The #MY100DayPlans campaign attempts to guide and inspire the public to utilize their people power to combat Trump’s agenda. 
“Think of the My 100 Day Plans like your quick, doable daily civic act to take a stand for democracy," Lord and Kunichika wrote. The actions, released daily, respond directly to the Trump administration's agenda, educate people on actions they can take, connect people as they share what they are doing, and/or augment the actions of existing mobilized communities and organizations. The Campaign runs on all major social media platforms. Visit its website here. 

Humanity in Action offers annual Grants Competitions for its Senior Fellows. The 2017 Competition, "The Urgency of Now," focused on social media and political and social division and extremism. Click here to learn more about the Grants Competition and the other 2017 projects. 

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