Humanity in Action Publishes Book on Policy and Pluralism Across Borders

October 26, 2016

October 26, 2016 — Humanity in Action is pleased to announce the release of Shifting Paradigms (Humanity in Action Press 2016), a collection of articles written by the 2015 Diplomacy and Diversity Fellows. The 2015 Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship explored the changing dynamics of diversity and international relations in Washington, Berlin and Paris. It brought together American and European graduate students for an intense and intellectually challenging program on international relations and global diversity.

Judith Goldstein, Humanity in Action’s Executive Director and Founder, said: "The Fellows are demonstrated leaders with a strong commitment to international concerns with a broad array of talents, experiences and interests.” In Shifting Paradigms, the Diplomacy and Diversity Fellows share their research and reflections on policy and pluralism across borders. The authors of the present volume represent a carefully selected group of graduate students and young professionals dedicated to advancing democratic rights, embracing diversity, and protecting freedoms on a global scale. Their articles offer a richly varied collection of original analyses on a range of issues—from contemporary interpretations of Albert Camus’ writing in the context of current policy debates on assimilation to strategy proposals on how to fight the radicalization of young men by extremist groups in Europe. The complete book is available for purchase on Amazon

Shifting Paradigms is the second in a series of three books published by Humanity in Action Press that continue the tradition of contributing to constructive dialogues on pluralism and promoting the inclusion of individuals from minority backgrounds in policymaking. 182 

The 2015 cohort was selected from a highly competitive pool of over 400 applicants representing a diverse mix of national and ethnic backgrounds. These Fellows met with influential leaders in government, multinational corporations, and nongovernmental organizations to explore how the United States and Europe have responded to a variety of international concerns, particularly issues of pluralism. 

2015 Fellows, Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship 

Aasha Abdill, Princeton University 

Analicia Carpio, American University 

Carly Goodman, Temple University 

David Bargueño, King’s College – London 

David Esarey, University of Denver 

Fabrice Guerrier, Eastern Mennonite University 

Iulianna Romanchyshyna, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Katie Hahn, New York University

Kayeromi Gomez, North Dakota State University 

Lauren Reese, American University 

Lukas Goltermann, Free University of Berlin, Humboldt-University of Berlin, University of Potsdam

Martha Bohrt, University of Texas at Austin 

Nadiya Kostyuk, University of Michigan 

Neil Oculi, University of Connecticut *

Noam Schimmel, Oxford University *

Pelin Ekmen, King’s College – London 

Robert Alvarez, University of Arizona 

Sandrine Gil, Institut d'études politiques (Sciences Po Paris)

Thijs van Lindert, University of Amsterdam *

Umut Pamuk, Ankara University 

Usra Ghazi, Harvard University 

Valeria Munt, City College – City University of New York 

William Schomburg, Johns Hopkins University 

* indicates a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow 




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