Humanity in Action Celebrates the Launch of Summer Fellowship Programs

June 02, 2016

June 2, 2016 – Humanity in Action is proud to celebrate the launch of the Humanity in Action Fellowship programs in Europe and the United States.

Participants in all of the 2016 Humanity in Action programs are students and recent graduates from universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.

Participants in the 2016 Humanity in Action Fellowship in Berlin, Germany. Photo by Johannes Lukas Gartner. 

The Humanity in Action Fellowship will take place in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Sarajevo and Warsaw from May 27 to June 26, 2016. The Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship, a program for graduate students and young professionals, will run simultaneously in Washington DC, Berlin and Warsaw. Both the Humanity in Action and Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship programs will conclude at the Seventh Annual Humanity in Action International Conference in Athens, Greece.

The John Lewis Fellowship, a new Humanity in Action Fellowship program, will launch on July 5 in Atlanta, Georgia. In partnership with The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc., Humanity in Action will bring together a group of 30 American and European university students and recent graduates for an intensive program about diversity and civil rights in America. The program honors Congressman John Lewis, an icon of the Civil Rights Movement.

Each program is highly interdisciplinary and features daily lectures and discussions with renowned academics, journalists, politicians and activists, as well as site visits to government agencies, non-profit and community organizations, museums and memorials. The programs seek to highlight different models of action to remedy injustice.

The objective of the Humanity in Action Fellowship programs is to facilitate a collective exploration of the social and political roots of discrimination, as well as to provide a forum where potential solutions to some of today's most challenging issues can be considered and discussed. The programs are also intended to instill a responsibility among Humanity in Action Fellows to recognize and address the need to protect minorities and promote human rights—in their own communities and around the world. 

Learn more about the 159 selected Fellows and their respective programs below. Humanity in Action looks forward to welcoming this new generation of Fellows to our expanding network of 1,500 alumni.

2016 Humanity in Action Fellows

Amsterdam Program

Anouk van Eekeren, Amsterdam University College
Ashley Lawrie, Agnes Scott College
Cameron Kinker, Washington University in St. Louis
Chrysoula Sotiriou, University of York
Eunelda Cairo, Tilburg University
Femke Zeven, University of Amsterdam 
Gage Garretson, Macalester College
Huseyin Sakalli, The Hague University of Applied Science
Katherine Clifton, Princeton University
Kelvin Ampem-Darko, Wheaton College
Leah van Ees, University College Utrecht
Lisa Muloma, Vanderbilt University
Maria Louiza Kalogerakou, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
Mehrgol Tiv, University of Pittsburgh
Merel de Herder, Utrecht University
Merve Mert, Saint Olaf College
Nejra Mulaomerović, Faculty of Philosophy Sarajevo
Ola Al Khatib, Leiden University 
Oumou van Rijen, Leiden University 
Qali Nur, Leiden University
Rick Otten, University of Amsterdam 
Sahar Afzal, Amsterdam University College
Saša Buljević, University of Sarajevo
Zohara Mahmoud, University of Amsterdam 

Atlanta Program – John Lewis Fellowship

Ahva Sadeghi, University of Arizona
Ana Jovanovic, University of Sarajevo, University of Warsaw
Angeliki Fanouria Giannaki, University of Athens
Ashley Needham, University of Oregon
Asia Ali, Copenhagen University
Berna Keskindemir, VU University Amsterdam 
Cassandra Chislom, Providence College
Christine Yu, Cornell University
Eric Otieno, University of Kassel 
Jacob Rudolph, University of Miami
Joseph Quisol, College of Charleston
Joseph Thompson, Middle Tennessee State University
Karissa Tom, Lewis and Clark College
Kassandra Valles, University of Kansas
Kathy Fernandez, University of California - Los Angeles
Laure Assayag, Ehess / Paris 1
Madeeha Mehmood, University of Southern Denmark
Małgorzata Leszko, University of Warsaw
Małgorzata Sobolewska, University of Warsaw
Mitchell Esajas, VU University
Monae White, Spelman College
Nedima Dzaferagic, University of Sarajevo
Nelly Gordpour, Hunter College
Reyna Araibi, University of Arizona
River Bunkley, Emory University
Ryan Wilson, Yale University
Samantha Keng, Emory University
Sarah Ackermann, Technische Universitaet Dresden
Soujoud Khamassi, ESSEC Business School
Symone Purcell, Eastern Kentucky University 

Berlin Program

Anna Jankowska, University of Warsaw
Barbara Orth, University of Oxford
Christian Kabengele, University of Hohenheim
Courtney Brunson,  Mount Holyoke College
Dafni Karagianni, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Davor Petrić, University of Mostar
Diana Daiub, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Fahira Brodlija, University of Sarajevo
Hana Bracale, Wellesley College
Inga Hajdarowicz, Jagiellonian University
Kareem Watson, Hamilton College
Mateusz Moscicki, New York University - Shanghai
Micah Friedman, Florida State University
Nabila Abdel Aziz, University of Oxford 
Nelly Pinkrah, Leuphana University Lueneburg
Patrick Wielowieski, Humboldt University Berlin
Sleman Halabi, Tel Aviv University
Tim Robert Schleicher, Zeppelin University
Vasliki Mitsiniotou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Vlasios Benetos, Hochschule Fulda - University of Applied Sciences in Fulda
Yana Shkabrova, The City College of New York, CUNY
Zaneta Eleni Melissourgaki, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Copenhagen Program

Clara Tufte, University of Copenhagen 
Clément Julien, Sciences Po - Lyon
Donya Nasser, St. John's University
Dzenata Begic, International University of Sarajevo
Frederico Jensen, Roskilde University
Heidi Chiu, Washington University in St. Louis
Jonathan Skjøtt, Minerva Schools at KGI
Julian Curlo, Roskilde University
Kamila Van Maris, Roskilde University
Léo Tamayo, University Paris-Dauphine
Lincoln Mitchell, Yale University
Linda Kristensen, University of Copenhagen
Louise Houbro, Aarhus University
Mary Namagambe, Copenhagen University
Miriam Ajayi, Humboldt University Berlin
Sara Ridder, Copenhagen University
Sean McGinley, Colorado School of Mines
Shanelle Morris, Trinity College
Sunčica Bruck, New York University - Shanghai
Tod Etheredge, Morehouse College  
Veza Clute-Simon, Freie Universität Berlin

Sarajevo Program 

Alexandria Dyer, Colgate University
Armin Wühle, Leibniz University Hanover
Berina Verlasevic, American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Elma Beslic, University of Sarajevo
Ernest Britt, Duke University
Georgia Soares, University of Southern California
Harun Iseric, University of Sarajevo 
Julie Vainqueur, Sciences Po 
Laura Cahier, Sciences Po Lyon
Ljupko Mišeljić, College of Communications Kappa Phi
Loke Bisbjerg Nielsen, Copehagen University 
Tasneem Maner, Villanova University
Tiffany Shakespeare, University College London
Zaynab Lasshab, Leiden Unviersity  

Warsaw Program

Adam Pakulski, University of Warsaw
Aleksander Bucholski, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
Alexandra Granato, The College of William and Mary
Andy Post, Colorado College
Angie Del Arca, Bard College
Angie Liao, New York University
Carlos Flores, Harvard University
Daria Goriacheva, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Heather Murray, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Joanna Kopacka, University of Haifa
Joy Liu, Duke University
Judyta Kinga Nędza, Yerevan State University, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Kamila Baranowska, University of Warsaw
Katarzyna Górnicka, University of Bialystok
Levke Jana Burfeind, Free University of Berlin
Marek Beresiński, Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Cracow University
Maria Magdalena Babinska, University of Warsaw
Mariia Veselovska, Vilnius University
Michalina Ferencz, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
Mikołaj Solik, University of Warsaw
Paulina Banasik, Jagiellonian University
Sara Nowacka, Jagiellonian University
Tadeusz Michrowski, University of Warsaw
Yosef Palanker, University of Maryland, College Park

Diplomacy and Diversity Program 

Alen Keric, University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna 
Andreas Holzinger, Sciences Po Paris and the Freie Universität Berlin 
Ashley Portillo, Columbia University 
David Truong, Harvard Kennedy School of Government 
George Bogden, University of Oxford
Hanya Riedl, Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies 
Jennifer Kuklenski, University of Southern Mississippi 
Jessica Tollette, Harvard University 
John Scott, Harvard University 
Kathryn McDonald, The George Washington University
Kyla Johnson, The George Washington University 
Lizbeth Arias, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
Matthew Kustenbauder, Yale University 
Mike Videler, University of Amsterdam 
Moises Mendoza, Columbia University 
Nina Lazarczyk, Uppsala University 
Oskar Raczycki, University of Warsaw 
Renata Barreto-Montenegro, University of California, Berkeley 
Rohit Sudarshan, Tufts University 
Roya Talibova, University of Michigan 
Soung Vong, University of Texas at Austin 
Tamikka Forbes, American University
Tanja Dittfeld, University of East Anglia 
Xianzhi Meng, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

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