Humanity in Action Denmark Holds Major Conference on European Roma

April 08, 2015

April 8th – Today marks the launch of Humanity in Action Denmark's "I AM ROMA" conference, which seeks to enhance the understanding and knowledge of human rights and minority issues as well as equal rights and dignity for Romani people in Denmark and Europe.  On the International Day of the Roma, this event will discuss the social, political and economic reality of European Roma.

The conference is part of Humanity in Action Denmark’s one week “I AM ROMA”campaign. The campaign and conference take place from April 4 to 12, 2015.

Campaign activities include: 

  • An international conference in the seat of the Danish Parliament focusing on the historical, political, cultural, social and socioeconomic conditions of Roma in Denmark and Europe,
  • Two documentary screenings at the Danish Film Institute with Romani music and food
  • Screening of Danish short movies with debate on Roma self identity in contemporary Denmark
  • “Fragments of Roma Culture” evening with photo-exhibition, theater monologue reading, audio collage, Roma poetry, Roma music and food at Bremen Theater.  
  • Romani Literature -  poetry readings, songs and dance at Literaturhaus 

For more information on the "I AM ROMA" Campaign, please contact Magnus Harrison, National Director (Denmark), at

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