Humanity in Action Announces Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship in Detroit and New York

Humanity in Action has announced the creation of a new educational fellowship on philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in the United States.

Taking place in Detroit and New York, the Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship will offer Senior Fellows of Humanity in Action the chance to meet leaders and conduct research on current trends in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. Applications for the fellowship program are due on February 1, 2015.

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Unlike most of Humanity in Action’s programs, the Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship requires a limited time commitment and is accessible to working professionals. The program will begin with meetings in Detroit in March 2015. Using the meetings and discussions in Detroit as inspiration, participants will then conduct independent research for a six-month period on social entrepreneurship in their own communities. The Fellows will then reconvene in New York for the program’s conclusion in October 2015.

The Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship is an opportunity exclusively available to Humanity in Action Fellows and Senior Fellows. For more information about eligibility, click here. Humanity in Action will select six applicants to participate.

The story of philanthropy and innovation amid Detroit’s ruin and revitalization is the inspiration for the program. Senior Fellows will explore the remarkable actions of philanthropic leaders and social innovators during Detroit’s bankruptcy, including the unprecedented intervention of national foundations to fund municipal pensions and save the city’s art collection.

Humanity in Action is grateful to the RNR Foundation for its generous support for the Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship.

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