Humanity in Action Poland to Co-Host Conference on Jan Karski at the Sejm of the Polish Republic of Poland

Humanity in Action Poland and the Jan Karski Educational Foundation have organized a two-day conference on Jan Karski in Poland.

The event, titled, “Jan Karski – the man and the H/history. Challenges for contemporary anti-discrimination education in Poland,” was organized in cooperation with the Karta Foundation and International Youth Meeting Center (IYMC) in Oświęcim/Auschwitz. The conference will take place on November 28-29, 2014 at the Sejm of the Polish Republic of Poland.  

“Evil is born when good people decide not to do anything about it.” These words of Edmund Burke serve as a guiding principle for the conference, which is devoted to discussing the importance of anti-discriminatory education and human rights education. The attendees will come from all over Poland and represent the worlds of both formal and non-formal education, theory and practice as well as various age groups. This diverse group consisting of experts, teachers, activists and high school students will for two intense days scrutinize the legacy of Jan Karski to explore how education on history could be creatively and effectively linked with human rights education.

The conference seeks to ask, “How can the past be of inspiration and relevance for the present?” The conference is designed as an interactive space for sharing, and it will take different shapes and forms. These will include discussion panels with leading experts and practitioners, workshops and the Open Space, where over 20 Polish NGOs and institutions engaged in anti-discrimination, human rights and civic education will present their best practices. One of the main goals of the conference is to create a set of recommendations on how to strengthen the impact of anti-discriminatory education and human rights education in Poland.  

Conference speakers will include:

  • Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska, Minister of National Education
  • Radosław Sikorski, Marshal of the Sejm
  • Prof. Małgorzata Fuszara, Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment 
  • Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska, Chairwoman of Parliamentary Commission for Culture and Media

The conference received the patronage of the Marshal of the Sejm as well as support from the Ministry of National Education, the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ), Center for Development of Education and Center of Civic Education. 

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