New Fellowship Position Announced to Honor Jane Haining

Humanity in Action and the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice have announced a new fellowship position in honor of Jane Haining, a Scottish missionary whose heroism in the face of Nazi terror led to her tragic death during the Second World War.

The announcement of the fellowship coincides with the upcoming release of a new BBC Scotland documentary on Jane Haining, the first film to tell her little-told story. The documentary will be aired on BBC One Scotland on Sunday, November 30. In an interview today discussing the documentary, Mrs. Annette Lantos, Chair of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice, announced this new fellowship position publicly. Mrs. Lantos is a former pupil of Jane Haining.

“Jane Haining placed the well-being and lives of her children over her own, and for that she paid the ultimate price,” said Annette Lantos. “I often say that we are our brother’s keepers, and Ms. Haining was the living embodiment of that. I sometimes feel that her sacrifice is being forgotten, so I am thrilled that more people will get to know her through the new BBC documentary and that more young people can be inspired to pursue human rights work through the Lantos-Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship program.”

The Jane Haining story begins in the Dumfriesshire village of Dunscore — where Haining was born in 1897 — and ends behind the barbed-wire fences of Auschwitz. Ms. Haining was the matron of a Hungarian girls' school in the 1930s and found herself providing the Jewish children under her charge with love and security in a world that was becoming increasingly dangerous and violent. Despite multiple pleas from the Church of Scotland for her return, Ms. Haining refused to abandon her post as World War II broke out. Her decision to stay cost Jane Haining her life.

The Jane Haining Humanitarian Fellow will continue her legacy of protecting marginalized communities around the world.

The Jane Haining Humanitarian Fellow will participate in the existing Lantos-Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship, a four-month professional fellowship in the United States Congress. Founded in 2001, the Lantos-Humanity in Action Fellowship is named in memory of Mrs. Annette Lantos' late husband, Tom Lantos, a former U.S. Congressman and Holocaust survivor.

The Fellowship runs annually from January 13 to May 29, 2015 and brings together 10 emerging leaders from throughout Europe and the United States to work on policy-based initiatives in Congressional offices. The Jane Haining Humanitarian Fellow will be the first participant of the program from Scotland.

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