Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Karbank/Rabineau Awards

Humanity in Action is thrilled to announce the winners of its 2014 Senior Fellow Leadership awards: Tara Dickman, Yulia Gogol, Zachariah Falconer-Stout and Nick Micinski.

Barney A. Karbank Award

Tara Dickman (France 2007)
Yulia Gogol (Poland 2006) 

Dr. Louis Rabineau Award

Zachariah Falconer-Stout (Germany 2008)
Nick Micinski (The Netherlands 2010)

Tara, Yulia, Zach and Nick are true models of outstanding leadership. We are proud to honor their dedication to Humanity in Action's mission to promote human rights, diversity and active citizenship in a new generation of young leaders. We are pleased to share the thoughts of a few of the Senior Fellows who submitted nominations.

About Tara Dickman

"Tara was a remarkable Director of the Humanity in Action French summer program. She created and led a national anti-discrimination initiative to stop police racial profiling, she is one of the few trained community organizers in France, she is a field activist whose activities are acknowledged by high profile structures at various levels (NGOs, governments, foundations, etc.) and she remains very active as a Senior Fellow. She is an agent of change and inspires others to be agents of change as well. Everyone who is involved in the field of diversity issues in France knows and respects Tara Dickman."

"Tara is tireless, ever supportive of Humanity in Action and its Fellows and Senior Fellows. She is a source of inspiration for the entire network."

About Yulia Gogol

"At the very beginning of conflict in Ukraine and following violations of human rights of Ukrainian citizens, Yulia invested herself fully and actively in promoting knowledge about the conflict and raising awareness in the general public. She reported regularly to the Humanity in Action network the number of deaths and injuries and spread information about the help of the Polish government to the Ukrainian refugees. She was also a go-between for the network of Ukrainian Fellows and the rest of the network, especially Humanity in Action Poland. Yulia was for us an awakening, and until now, she never loses hope. Her courage and energy makes me regain faith in the Humanity in Action network."

"Yulia showed great initiative and courage while speaking out loud about the malpractice and abuse of human rights by Ukrainian authorities. I truly believe that the work she has done serves as a great example of 'humanity in action'."

About Zachariah Falconer-Stout

"Zach is the reason I am a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow. When I was a first-year in college, his leadership in multiple student organizations inspired and impressed me. When I found out he had been accepted into a fellowship program called Humanity in Action, I knew I had to try to become involved too. He helped me practice for my interview and insisted that I re-apply after my first application attempt was unsuccessful. If he hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't have tried again. Zach's work since completing his fellowship provides a peerless model for other Senior Fellows everywhere. His work with American non-profit organizations, the Peace Corps in Moldova, and development organizations in Africa truly reflect the values and mission of Humanity in Action. If I can accomplish a fraction of what Zach has, I will have done a lot."

"Zach is an exemplary member of the Senior Fellow community. He continues to embody the dedication to human rights that Humanity in Action is founded upon. Zach is a fearless leader and advocate for justice for all people in all corners of the world."

About Nick Micinski

"Over the past four years, Nick has come to exemplify the ideals most valued embodied by Humanity in Action – active engagement, outstanding leadership, and an unwavering commitment to peacebuilding. A quintessential example of this is the leading role he has played in developing the Most Mira-Humanity in Action International Exchange Program. To establish the project, Nick deployed his unique ability to imagine and inspire to lay the groundwork for an annual youth arts festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina that brought together children of different ethnicities to explore events of the region's tumultuous past. In doing so, the festival brought together children from communities that were often bitterly divided, providing a much-needed opening for reconciliation at the local and, most importantly, the personal level. To ensure the program's success, Nick brought several Senior Fellows into the fold, ensuring that the festival gave both Senior Fellows and local children an opportunity to grow and reflect."

"Nick's sincerity, modesty and perseverance make him a great social justice advocate and inspiring human being. When looking at his track record and humble personality, one can only see him as a great asset to the Humanity in Action community."

We received many nominations for a number of inspiring Senior Fellows within the Humanity in Action community. We would like to acknowledge and honor all of the nominees for this year's awards:

Rasmus Christensen

Theis Dencker 

Pavlina Doublekova

Alexander Ege

Aisha Fukushima

Johan Juul Jensen

Liat Krawczyk

Karl Lemberg

Jakob Silas Lund

Kennedy Odede

Marietje Schaake

Leon Schettler

Jan Spiewak

Cihan Tekeli

Philip Ugelow

Congratulations to Tara, Yulia, Zach, Nick and to all of the nominees. Thank you so much to those of you who submitted nominations and took the time to honor the work of our outstanding network. 

About Barney A. Karbank and Dr. Louis Rabineau

Barney A. Karbank (1924-2005) embodied the qualities of personal dignity, self-reliance and hard work. He was a self-taught and self-made professional real estate investor, yet he generally attributed his success to luck and to the kindness and assistance of others. He was an uncanny judge of character and he assessed people’s worth on the basis of their acts and deeds, regardless of their background, race, gender or religion. Mr. Karbank was an early sponsor of Humanity In Action, and he supported the organization's mission of protecting those who are the most vulnerable to persecution; while he suggested that this was largely government’s role, he also believed that protecting the vulnerable largely depended on the independent judgment and selfless acts of courageous individuals. He was enormously devoted to his family, and he believed that the primary function of any family, and any well-functioning group, is aiding and protecting every member of the group. Mr. Karbank was known to be exceedingly cautious, reflective and methodical in his work and yet within the last weeks of his life he asserted, as a fundamental principle, “Don’t be afraid to take risks."

Dr. Louis Rabineau (1924-2011) held a commitment to the defense of human rights that was profoundly influenced by his army service in World War II, when he visited Buchenwald concentration camp shortly after its liberation. He brought this commitment to his life-long efforts to improve education for all. As the Chancellor of Higher Education for the State of Connecticut, Dr. Rabineau established the first statewide talent search in higher education for minorities, a higher education plan addressing the needs of the physically handicapped and a statewide program to train teachers of teachers. As President of the College of the Atlantic, he promoted social and environmental responsibility, adding programs in international affairs, environmental studies, and public service.

In 2006, Humanity in Action Board Chair Emeritus Neil Karbank and his family established the Barney A. Karbank Memorial Award and the Dr. Louis Rabineau Memorial Award to recognize outstanding leadership by Humanity in Action Senior Fellows. Each of the recipients receives an honorarium of $1,000. To learn more about Barney A. Karbank and Dr. Louis Rabineau and to see past recipients, please click here.

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