Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Selected to Give Harvard Business School Class Day Address

Casey Gerald, a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow who participated in the German program in 2009, was selected to give the Class Day Address to the Harvard Business School class of 2014 on Wednesday, May 28.

The address touched on his personal journey from inner-city Dallas to Yale & Harvard, and how a near-death experience convinced him to dedicate his life to trying to make a difference, as countless Humanity in Action Senior Fellows do every day. It recounts the 8,000-mile journey that he took with three HBS classmates to launch MBAs Across America — a national movement of MBAs & entrepreneurs working together to revitalize America — and ends with a call to action for a new generation that commits its time and talent to the biggest challenges we face at home and around the world.

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Casey Gerald
Casey Gerald
Senior Fellow