Humanity in Action Statement on the Crisis in Ukraine

February 20, 2014 | ukraine, nonviolent action

This message is an open letter from Judith S. Goldstein, founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action, to the Ukrainian Senior Fellows of Humanity in Action.

February 20, 2014

To the Ukrainiain Senior Fellows:

Our thoughts and wishes are with you. Please know that the media in all of our countries is prominently reporting the tragedy in Ukraine with all its disturbing events. There is front page coverage and outrage at what is happening. We strongly sympathize with all who are hurt and unjustly prosecuted.  

The political crisis in Ukraine has resulted in a shocking spread of bloodshed and escalation of injustice. Humanity in Action, which focuses on human rights education, condemns all instances of human rights violations and lack of respect for human dignity and human health and life.

Everyone in Ukraine and abroad should do everything to avoid turning the country into political and social ashes. As history shows, the escalation of violence leads to even more violence, hatred and long-lasting polarization. 

We expect that those who violate fundamental human rights will be brought to justice. We expect the government to refrain from using violence against its citizens, citizens who claim the right to demonstrate peacefully. We call for negotiations, arbitration and other peaceful means to resolve the current turmoil.

On behalf of all your friends from the Humanity in Action community, 

Judy Goldstein
Founder and Executive Director
Humanity in Action

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