Humanity in Action Denmark Hosts Free2Choose-Create Program

Humanity in Action Denmark hosted 16 students from all of Scandinavia in a Free2Choose-Create seminar in Copenhagen this January, partnering with the Peace House in Uppsala and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The Free2Choose-Create program is a concept developed by the Anne Frank House, in which young people from different regions and countries are brought together to discuss human rights and to create small video clips about specific human rights dilemmas in their respective countries. These video clips are then used by the participants to facilite debates within their local communities.

The Scandinavian Free2Choose-Create program started in August, where participants from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland gathered for one week in Uppsala to discuss human rights and create videoclips. After returning home, the participants each arranged three debates in the local communities centering around the issues of the video clips, for example: "Should politicians be allowed to say radical things about minorities?" or "Should Anders Breivik be allowed to epxress his political opinion?" To view these videoclips, please click here.

The seminar in Copenhagen, which was hosted by Humanity in Action Denmark, gathered the participants one last time in order for them to discuss and share their experiences with conducting their debates. The seminar also gave them brief introductions to the tools of project management through workshops on project development, fundraising, mobilizing and facilitating. In this way, Humanity in Action Denmark, the Peace House and the Anne Frank House hope to have sparked a desire in these young people to help affect change in their local societies.

To view photos from this event, please click here

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