Running for Humanity in Action: Supporters of HIA France Team Up to Run the New York City Marathon

December 06, 2010 | fundraising

Adam Day, Sara Rendtorff Smith, Brett Garrett and Philippe Diversy don’t have much in common: neither age, nationality, health status, or running experience bring them together. Adam and Sara both work at the UN, but in different sections, and Philippe and Brett both spent the summer in France, but Philippe was in Bretagne, while Brett was an HIA Fellow in Lyon. In fact, before last week, none of them had ever met. But during the next couple of months, they will all be working together for a common cause: the 2010 New York City Marathon. Adam, Sara, Brett and Philippe have decided to sign up for the HIA France New York Marathon team, and they have set up a website to allow for anyone to follow their efforts and encourage them until November 7th 2010.

While smaller races had been run by Humanity in Action Senior Fellows in the past, it is the first time that friends of HIA have supported the organization's activities through the New York City Marathon.

The HIA France New York City Marathon Team will be posting pictures, updates and videos on how they’re doing until they’re joined at the finish line by their fans.

Visit their website and start supporting them now!

And for updates, check the Facebook Page.


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