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10 Books on Sexuality for the Holidays

Alumni News | Poland | 7 July 2019

Gosia Kot, Sylwia Vargas

Humanity in Action Senior Fellows Sylwia Vargas and Gosia Kot, among others, had their book on LGBTQIAP issues and definitions featured in Vogue Poland.

Pilot Project "Impact Hub - Social Up! Actions for Change" Presented

Press release | Poland | 19 June 2019

Monika Mazur-Rafał, Magdalena Szarota

Humanity in Action Poland's pilot project "Impact Hub - Social Up! Actions for Change" aims to fight hate speech.

Humanity in Action Poland Announces the 2019 Polish and Ukrainian Fellows Cohort

Press release | Poland | 30 May 2019

Hit vlog against hate speech on YouTube: 7 Meters Under and Humanity in Action Polska join forces!

Press release | Poland | 15 May 2019

Humanity in Action Poland releases new vlog against hate speech with hit Polish Youtube channel 7 Meters Under.

The whole (un)truth about lesbians

Alumni News | Poland | 22 November 2018

Gosia Kot

Senior Fellow Gosia Kot pens an op-ed for Codziennika Feministycznego on how efforts to prevent generalizations of homosexuality can in fact reinforce stereotypes.

Lured To Injustice: The 'Sleep of Reason' in Poland

Alumni News | Poland | 23 July 2018

Łukasz Niparko

Senior Fellow Łukasz Niparko writes in Weave News about the illiberal tendencies of the Law and Justice Party in Poland.

2018 Warsaw Fellowship Blog

Press release | Poland | 12 June 2018

During the 2018 Warsaw Fellowship, our Fellows wrote daily blogs of their experiences during the Fellowship. Read their reflections here.

Death Penalty: A Poster Child

Alumni News | Poland | 9 November 2017

Łukasz Niparko

Senior Fellow Łukasz Niparko writes about the death penalty in Ohio during his ACLU of Ohio Fellowship.