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Releasing 2017-2018 Humanity in Action Activity Report

Press release | International | 17 July 2019

Humanity in Action is proud to present its 2017-2018 international Activity Report. It features a selection of the activities of the national chapters and the multitude of programs that were collaboratively implemented internationally.

Iskustva sa John Lewis Fellowship programa u Atlanti

Bosnia & Herzegovina | 17 July 2019

Nikolina Sladojevic

Al Jazeera Balkans snimila prilog o premijeri filma "BiH u pokretu"

Us in the News | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 17 July 2019

Alma Mujanović

Pogledajte video prilog Al Jazeera Balkans o premijeri filma "BiH u pokretu", nastalog u sklopu našeg PDVIAGMM programa.

Premijera filma "BiH u pokretu"

EVENT | 16 July 2019

Alma Mujanović

2019 Grant Competition: Addressing Antisemitism in Our Societies

Press release | International | 15 July 2019

All Senior Fellows are invited to submit project proposals by September 1, 2019. Projects can receive up to 5,000 Euro.

10 Books on Sexuality for the Holidays

Alumni News | Poland | 7 July 2019

Gosia Kot, Sylwia Vargas

Humanity in Action Senior Fellows Sylwia Vargas and Gosia Kot, among others, had their book on LGBTQIAP issues and definitions featured in Vogue Poland.

Senior Fellow Action Day 2019

Press release | Denmark | 7 July 2019

Magnus Meyer Harrison, Aseel Al-lami, Johann Juul Jensen, Rizwana Shah Channir, Jakob Lund, and others

During the 2019 Copenhagen Fellowship, Humanity in Action Denmark organized an Action Day with Senior Fellows in Denmark and the 2019 Copenhagen Fellows. See what they did.

Humanity in Action Screens New Film "On the Values of Humanity in Action"

International | 7 July 2019

Priya Fielding-Singh, Samson Lim, Nicole Chi, Aisha Turner, Judith Goldstein, and others

An animated film on the theme of reality in the context of Humanity in Action's mission.