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Inspired by our flagship Fellowship in Amsterdam, HIA Junior was created to offer a similar collaborative learning & action opportunity on human rights related societal topics, for engaged youngsters.

HIA Junior 2019 Climate and Human Rights

Do you want to make the world a little more beautiful and cleaner? Are you between 14 and 18 years old? Are you interested in the climate, human rights and sustainability? Sign up now for HIA Junior!

During this autumn holiday we dive into the polluted world of the climate, and ask ourselves: Where does all this pollution actually come from?
Is a clean environment a human right? Are you allowed to skip school to rally for a clean planet?
Learn from activists, entrepreneurs and policy makers and take action yourself. Become the new Greta Thunberg and sign up!

For whom? Young people between 14 and 18 years old.

When? 24, 25, 26 October 2019, from 10.00 hrs.

Where? Keizersgracht 177, Amsterdam.

Price? Free! (travel costs in consultation).

You can register until October, 20.

We can welcome up to 25 young people so there may be a selection procedure.

Human Rights & Civic Participation for All Ages

HIA Junior has been promoting active social citizenship since 2015 among secondary and high school students between the ages of 14 and 18. Through an interactive three-day program during one of the school holidays, students collectively examine current social issues in the field of human rights, democracy, and inclusivity. In previous years, themes such as migration and integration, racism, the Dutch slavery past, and the role of young politicians in the Netherlands. 

HIA Junior facilitates constructive dialogue, strengthens social cohesion, increases civic engagement and personal leadership, and opens up networks among a new generation of future creators. HIA Junior encourages youth to expand their world view. 

Students are challenged to reflect critically, to learn from each other’s views, cultures and identities and to take action. No teachers in this program, but inspiring role models straight from society, constructive dialogue, and collaborative action.

During a festive closing ceremony, participants present and share what they have learned and created on stage, among friends & family, and partners of Humanity in Action The Netherlands. They are officially announced ‘Junior Fellow’ and join the Humanity in Action Network.

With HIA Junior we enable young people to choose to make a positive impact in our society. This is urgently needed. Especially now.

“It made me see refugees from a new perspective. Instead of assuming that every refugee is the same, I now know that everyone has their own story.”


– Junior Fellow, 2017


  • 2016 HIA Junior participants working

Junior Fellows in Action


  • What: Educational Program
  • Who: Approx. 20 students (secondary + high school) per year
  • Focus: Topical within a historical context
  • Emphasizes: Community & Social cohesion
  • Strengthens: Personal leadership
  • Develops: Active social citizenship
  • Involves: Collaborative action

HIA Junior purposefully brings together young people from a wide range of backgrounds, including and in particular those who generally have fewer opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.

“The program taught me a lot. I’ve noticed that I’ve started looking at things differently. And I now take my time forming and understanding my opinion.”


– Junior Fellow, 2016


  • Participants engaged: Over 80 students
  • Speakers involved: Over 45 speakers

Recent Editions

In 2018, the Tall Tales edition focused on the role of human rights in media, and with storytelling as the leading form of expression. Our program included an introductory lecture on human rights, a visit to the photo exhibition ‘House of Wisdom,’ and various workshops. Junior Fellows also had the opportunity to provide input to the theater company PlayBack on their latest play on discrimination and inclusivity. On the last day of the program, the students translated these experiences to actionable activities.

In January 2017, Junior Fellows learned about human rights, inclusivity, and refugees in the Netherlands. Programming included a presentation from the WE ARE HERE collective on undocumented refugees in the Netherlands, a lively debate with young politicians, a museum visit to raise awareness on Dutch colonial history, and a workshop on micro-aggressions and citizenship.

HIA Junior Reports

Provided in Dutch

In previous years, HIA Junior was generously supported by: