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Educating, connecting and inspiring emerging and established leaders since 1999.

Humanity in Action The Netherlands is an international non-profit organization that supports democracy, pluralism and human rights through unique educational programs for a new generation of social, cultural and political leaders. 

We inspire

We inspire civic engagement for advancing social equity, responsibility and justice.

We educate

We educate tomorrow’s leaders on past and present human rights challenges through critical historical as well as contemporary inquiries and cross-cultural dialogue.

We connect

We connect an ever-growing international community committed to strengthening democracy, human rights, and pluralism.

Seeing beyond the realities our tribes want us to see

  • Make Reality

    Short film on reality, community and active citizenship in a time of increasing social and political discord. Produced by Humanity in Action and the artist Andrew Benincasa.

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Through our work:

  • We affirm the importance of strengthening democratic values.
  • We foster environments in which individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities can engage openly and respectfully with contentious and challenging ideas and each other.
  • We support a vision of pluralistic societies that embrace differences and negotiate their boundaries through constructive political, social and personal dialogue and relationships.
  • We build a multinational, intergenerational community of emerging and established leaders who share the Humanity in Action values.


We believe that an important test of a genuine democracy is how it advances social equity and pluralism. We strengthen the commitment of our community to democratic values and foster their knowledge around past and present human rights challenges.


Past, Present and Future:

The intellectual touchstone for Humanity in Action, founded in 1997 in New York City and in 1999 in Amsterdam, has been the study of acts of resistance—and lack thereof—during the Second World War and the Holocaust. These events raise critical questions: Why do some people resist while others remain bystanders? What binds those who recognize the need to resist? How are acts of resistance influenced by national and historical contexts?

Humanity in Action The Netherlands engages younger generations in histories of social injustices to inspire them to co-create a socially just present. Our mission is to strengthen the commitment of emerging Dutch leaders to democratic values by fostering their knowledge of resistance to intolerance—past and present—in the early states of their careers and civic engagement.  

Since Humanity in Action was founded with a focus on the 1943 flight and rescue of the Jews in Denmark during the Holocaust, we have grown conceptually, intellectually and geographically. Our scope has expanded to include the legacies of American slavery and the Jim Crow era; colonialism and migration; peace building and transitional justice in the Balkans; transitions from authoritarian to democratic forms of government in post-communist societies to other human rights challenges in Europe and the United States.