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  • The Unlucky Ones

    Is there a minority in the Netherlands that is more disadvantaged and ignored than the Roma and Sinti people?  Known previously as “gypsies,” the two groups have separate ethnic origins but face similar challenges of discrimination and under-recognition. Despite their marginalized positions in society, they are not officially recognized by the Dutch government as minorities. The… Read More

    Netherlands 2009
  • Too Cool for School? The Education of the Roma Minority in Poland

    The Roma have achieved nearly mythological status in Polish society as roving bands of freedom-loving “gypsies”, with music and art following them wherever they go. The Roma, it seems, are not plagued by the everyday concerns and problems faced by the rest of society.  This description, however, is far from accurate.  As one of Poland’s poorest and least-educated… Read More

  • Strangers in a Strange Land: Roma and Sinti in the Netherlands- The World War Two Experience and After

    On 11 March, 2001,  Prime Minister Kok of the Netherlands oversaw the installation of a monument in memorial  of  Roma and Sinti victims of Nazi persecution. The monument, unveiled on the site of the former Westerbork concentration and deportation camp, is the first federal monument to the plight of the Roma and Sinti. Previously, the only monuments had been small and locally… Read More

    Netherlands 2003
  • Who Are Denmark's Roma?

    A young Danish journalist and an American university student, both Humanity in Action Fellows, accompanied two Eastern European Roma on a walk in the Danish town of Elsinore. Trying to answer the question “who are Denmark’s Roma?” we took three trips to the city, conducting over a dozen interviews. The following essay is our attempt to piece together a complex puzzle.… Read More

    Denmark 2001