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  • Introductory Remarks at the Third Annual International Conference

    Let me first of all express our gratitude to Lamija Tanovic, Chair of the Bosnian Board, other members of the board, Elma Hodzic and her Humanity in Action staff for inviting us here to hold this Third Humanity in Action International Conference. We are most grateful to our funders who have supported this gathering: the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Germeshausen Foundation,… Read More

    Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012
  • The Dissolution of Yugoslavia: Roots of the Conflict

    This keynote speech was delivered by Sonja Biserko, President of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, at the Third Annual Humanity in Action International Conference in Sarajevo on June 28, 2012.  Dear Founding Chair of the Humanity in Action in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Lamija Tanović), Executive Director (Judith Goldstein), Deputy Executive Director (Philip Ugelow); … Read More

    Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012
    Sonja Biserko
  • The Banality of Genocide Audio

    This speech was delivered at the first annual Humanity in Action International Conference in Amsterdam on July 2, 2010. General Roméo Dallaire was the commander of the UN military force sent into Rwanda to prevent a new outbreak of the civil war and monitor the implementation of the peace process. What he discovered was a genocide in preparation. His efforts to warn the international… Read More

    Poland 2010
  • Visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    "If we lived in a just and honorable world, this would not be our only museum visit in Washington DC. We would also be spending time at one dedicated to the history of black/white relations in the United States. Unfortunately, such a museum does not yet exist, although an outstanding one is now being developed after years of preparation. Despite great gains finally realized in the Civil Rights… Read More

    United States 2010
  • To Hell and Back: : Returning to Auschwitz and Moving On after the Holocaust

    "Visiting a place where more than fifty years ago the most horrific things took place, is there a point to that? Does it make any sense to stir up all those things, to dig in the past? Yes, I say, it does make sense. Let it be a warning for the present and the future, let’s learn from the past." 16-year-old Marieke Brouwer, quoted in Verweg en toch Dicht bij (Far away and Near by)… Read More

    Netherlands 2006
  • Humanizing the Sudanese Victims of Genocide: The Effort to Raise Awareness about Darfur in Danish Society

    When I say Darfur, what comes to your mind?  The answer to this question is wholly dependent on the context from which you view it.  If you are Danish, you are likely to know “that something bad is going on, but not exactly what is going on, or how bad it actually is,” according to Vibeke Brix Christensen, an advocate with Doctors without Borders.  We confirmed this… Read More

  • Making “Never Again” a Reality: Lessons from the Dutch Resistance in the Second World War

    “If we are not careful, our fear of the immigrant will result in massive racial aggression.” “The plan to issue ‘vignettes,’ stickers, to all non-Dutch people residing in the Netherlands on which their level of ‘inburgering’ (naturalization) will be indicated looks suspiciously like the Star of David that the Nazis forced the Jews to wear in World War… Read More

    Netherlands 2004